I am Giorgia, an Aquarius with a Moon in Pisces that always been connected to Esoteric Arts and Astrology. I have earned a MA in Intercultural Learning and Teaching Italian as Foreign Language, and I have been teaching and writing for the last 8 years. During my studies, I always kept my passion for Astrology and Tarots as an almost secrect love of my life. Astrology has been observing me during personal crucial path choices, but I was not ready for sharing this hidden potential to the outside world. Several circumstances, experiences and journeys brought me again and again to this world, and I have finally decided to share my love and passion studying this discipline through official ways as well. I have studied at the Pluto School of Evolutionary astrology and at the Center of Psychological Astrology of London. At the moment, I am in a long-term process of studying Astro-shamanism with Franco Santoro. I found into astrology a tool to make people think about themselves, and a good change to make considerations on their paths. I find this process fascinating every single time, and connecting with other people is always a magic adventure. That’s the reason why the idea of Door of Lotus finally took place and it was born during my Saturn Return,what a coincidence! The best quote that could describe my connection to astrology as a linguist and an esoteric pratictioner is:

“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.”

Dane Rudhyar

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