The systems and maps of Astrology, developed over many centuries, reveal the complex and wonderfully woven pattern of an individual’s self connected to one intent. A human being always has the freedom to choose if she/he wants to cooperate with their original intent. We are not forced to be a certain way, although people will find that life is more fulfilling making choices that are in alignment with their original intent. The Intent is connected to us, but it is also related to something bigger, the Cosmos.

The constellations, the Sun, the Moon cycles made a profound impression on early man, prompting him to devise explanations for what he observed. Practitioners of shamanism were the first to work with astrology because they believed that all creatures responded in differing degrees to the energies of the fixed stars, the Sun, Moon and planets.

There is a definite correspondence between the movement of the stars and planets and life on Earth. Our reaction to the vibrations coming from the stars and planets is what astrology is all about. Both astrology and shamanism interpret the natural world, allowing us to realize our purpose on Earth in accordance with the synchronicity of nature and the cosmos.

Shamans have always enjoyed a happy alliance with the environment by living in harmony with nature and connecting with the Cosmos. They heal by entreating the powers that be to intercede for them, and by talking to the spirits, stars, planetary bodies, animals, plants, stones or the elements  in order to learn how to produce spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness.


In today’s world we have forgotten how to connect, yet we carry the ancient wisdoms still in our hearts. The study of shamanism provides us with the tools to reconnect – with ourselves, with our spirit guides and with the wisdom of the animal spirits so that we may work in harmony, power and peace.

A glimpse into non-ordinary reality may bring about spontaneous healing and thus effect a cure, so the concept behind healing through shamanism is to alter consciousness. We can do this with the aid of planetary energies.

The shamanic journey is a voyage of the soul, not the mind, in fact the more the head gets ‘out of the way’ the more wisdom is received from the spirits. When first learning to journey the technique requires a little practice, but you will generally be pleasantly surprised by the images and messages you discover. 

I see Shamanism as an added dimension to her work as an astrologer. Astrology provides roadmaps of past, present, and future events, patterns of behavior, wounds from past experiences. However, one can choose to break the patterns and heal the wounds through Shamanic journey. Why don’t giving a try?

Image by: Josephine Wall