Destiny: Latin destinare, meaning to bind or establish or determine or intend.

For millennia the human kind have been questioning about the meaning of life, events, relationships, experiences on so on. What is the meaning of sorrow? Why do we have to suffer? What is the meaning beyond the word destiny?

The answer changed overtime and used several tools: science, religion, philosophy and pure faith without a pure and coherent answer.

Astrology has been part of this open research for the last 5000 years. What does it make this discipline still alive? Have astrology found the final meaning and explanation to the meaning itself? (Un)fortunately not, but its secret is on the symbolic meaning, and the mysterious code represented by a Natal Chart.

Astrology is a discipline that has logical principles, analogical and cognitive means express in different ways and methods that changed and integrated during the centuries with philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology and so on.

If we observe astrology during the Babylonian era, it was believed that the movement of celestial bodies was like a divine writing decipherable by priests or wise men, that would have helped to find the meaning of life on Earth. The purpose attributed to such a celestial writing was that of warning or guide, so the task of astrologers was not to find out what would happen, but what could have happened "if": whether or not they were doing certain things, behaving in a manner rather than in another etc.

Modern man, educated in a culture dominated by a positivistic conception of reality, adopted a totally different approach: our destiny is entirely in our hands and we build it day by day on the basis of our individual choices. Unfortunately, however, there are some events that influence our life, and most of them just happened by chance, or because of faith. We can also see this from a different perspective: many behaviour geneticists agree that hereditary and environmental factors interact to determine many of our subjective characteristics. If we include family, education and socio-cultural influences in the concept of environment and sum up everything to genetic influences, it becomes clear that what we mean as "free will" appears from the very beginning influenced by factors and/or choices not dependent on our will. Funny, eh?

The ability to fulfill our personal goals depends primarily on our ability to take advantage of the "opportunities" that come along our path. For opportunity is intended any positive or dramatic event that will bring evolution to our personal path.

The most difficult times are those who offer us the opportunity to become part of our destiny that we claim to want as ours! Because these are the moment in which we can choose just changing the way we judge reality. Here comes the magic of astrology: observing our actions from a metaperspective.

A birth chart is like a work in progress: it seems to be the stage of becoming, a stage of a being already formed but still in the process of being built. It is a story with several character: we can have an overview about the characters, their characteristic and their personal stories, dreams and disappointments.

The positions of the planets in signs and houses as well as the aspects that form among them can give us valuable information to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, the surrounding environment, and the psychological qualities that will characterize him. However, it is not possible to determine how this person intends to use this potential. While on the one hand we have the possibility to draw a sufficiently detailed map of the psyche, on the other hand it is really difficult to draw it in terms of the development of the personal consciousness.

We can generally claim that around 29 years, a person will have to face his on Saturn's return like everyone else, but we cannot define exactly in which way this is going exactly to happen. It would be with a new job, the experience of becoming a parent, or facing economic issues, but we don’t know which will be the personal approach to a fact of reality that will take place in this person’s life. Planets knows a lot and everything is constantly moving: everything is changing all the time, and it will go deeper and deeper with our awareness. Astrology can analyze a subjective experience but not its own objective manifestations.

It’s not about what we have to do or not, but understanding what is really happening, and then transforming it. It’s about our present and the personal understanding of the evolution of our Soul. It’s more than a prediction about selling a flat or get a new job, but a conscious tool to go towards life. It's not about fighting against the things we don’t like or understand about ourselves but learning the concept of self-acceptance. Why do I want to sell the flat? Is it that a proper job for me? That’s a really good starting point. Let’s take a look to your planets to get some ideas…