If your natal Moon squares or opposes Pluto, then Plutonian qualities will enter into your Moon sphere. What does that mean?


With the Moon-Pluto aspects, Pluto expresses itself through the mother which can manifest herself through a variety of scenarios. Instinctively, something in the child is a catalyser for the mother that releases the obscure hidden feelings, and frustrations to the child. For the child, the mother is seen as a threat, and, as a consequence, the child will associate the idea of love to danger, and abandonment. In adult life, the person would unconsciously attract relationships that repeat the same pattern, because the model that represents love and intimate union is the same that was formed on the basis of experience with one's mother. Also, there will be the tendency to find partners with strong destructive needs, and this will build up the conviction that love will generally lead to ruin. It is not possible to enjoy a relationship when the expectations are to be abandoned and betrayed at any moment, right? For these reasons, the person usually become controlling and manipulative in order not to be abandoned.

The dynamic relation between Moon and Pluto represents the dark side of the concept of the feminine as a mother, and its symbolic meaning is different from the idea of classical sacrificial mother typical of the Catholic tradition. Pluto represents the taboos, and most of the stigmatized topics in most Western cultures, and it difficulty fits in an energetic relationship with the Moon, so it is forced to be invisible despite its own majestic energy.


The Catholic culture associates the maternal archetype with the concept of sacrifice, pain and nourishment. However, there are other facets of the maternal archetype that belong to the shadow that are difficult to accept. In other cultures, such as the Indian one, the Myth of Kali meant to symbolize the wholeness of life: life and death, beauty and ugliness, motherliness and destructiveness. There's no fear of confronting the dark side of life. But regarding this aspect, the most appropriate Myth is related to Medea, the sorceress who murdered her own children.

The maternal archetype represented by the dynamical aspects of the Moon-Pluto has destructive manifestations that must be recognized, otherwise they will be projected unconsciously onto the loved ones. A Moon-Pluto relationship always requires an entire transformation of the emotional self as well as the way of re-acting to situations, in order to regain that sense of trust and emotional security that have been lost in childhood because of a powerful and manipulative mother. The mother would try to transmit unresolved power issues as heritage to the person with this aspect.

This Moon presents an instinctive part polluted by a mother perceived as dominant and controlling, tending to control the child with subtle strategy, and abandonment dynamics. People with this aspect have often dealt with the emotional storms of the mother who could at any time destroy the balance and trust through anger, aggression, manipulation and instability that the child has perceived until from the phase of symbiosis and that led him/her to absorb a sense of profound impotence that could only be subsided through the control of his own and others' emotions.

These mothers often bind their children to them through an invisible network of guilt that always conceals a broken creativity, a sense of internal impotence and a subtle resentment towards the male world that leads them to be very demanding towards their sons, who would like to become little Gods, while projecting their resentful male energy onto their daughters, and thus they will forge future women with negative paternal complexes who will marry men who are afraid to love them and so on. 

From generation to generation.

For a man with this aspect, the mother is perceived as a strong and manipulative person making him relive that feeling of mourning and loss. The man who projects his power on a Plutonian woman can also become a victim. When the dynamic is resolved and one becomes aware of this aspect, a woman who is emotionally stable could bring her light into the relationship, and stimulate the creative potential inherent in this aspect. But in order to reach this point is needed to recognize his own personal power and face his shadow.

For women there is a tendency to remain stuck in relationships in which they dominate and do not let go. They seduce you, conquer you and capture you like a spider in her web.

These moons conceal accumulated frustrations and repressed desires that can degenerate to embody the most destructive sides of Kali and Medea, whose unconscious shadows can lead to destructive violence. Many women who project these sides onto their children are subjugated and fascinated by the destructive side of the archetype that goes outside in anger towards the world and hate towards life and creativity. All of this can dominate and obsess them until it can be unloaded on someone. Very often their destructiveness is acted in a state of "trance", a sort of semi-conscious rage that resembles the black-out of the alcoholics, a time in which they continue to act without remembering any of the things done during these moments. However, this is a state of convenience because it allows the shadow to remain unconscious. The woman with a dynamic Moon-Pluto aspect will have to address a particular attention to the shadow side without forcing her children to see her as a "witch" eternally angry with herself and others. If she does not accept and does not elaborate her anger, she will never allow her creative drives to express. Furthermore, this could relegate her children to a psychological ambivalence that will contaminate all their future relationships. The child will desire intense and warm relationships more than anything else because he/she will feel that only through them he will heal his wounds. But, on the other hand, he/she will not be able to let anyone in his intimacy because this would allow the pain to reappear.


These aspects could easily bring to a state of emotional polarity: in fact, while the children felt hatred and resentment towards the betraying ambivalent and dominant parent, they held these drives inside for fear of losing the attention and the affection they needed to survive. This is an attitude that, if not elaborated, can be re-established with self-destructive behavior, with violent fantasies, aggressive acts or degenerative psychosomatic illnesses. This happens because Pluto suggests that the best way to cope with emotions is to control them, because everything you cannot control can destroy you. Perception is very acute because the child had to understand in advance what was about to happen in order to survive the daily emotional rush of the mother.

Tackling these themes means having the possibility of transforming anger into strength. It means recovering the energy imprisoned on the destructive side of the archetype, and direct it to creative acts that will shelter from brutal acts. And, ultimately, it means experimenting and activating one's own creative potential and ambitions without having to manipulate the surrounding with passive-aggressive strategies.

Everything that touches Pluto must somehow be transformed, regenerated, and cleaned up. Pluto must always go through a form of catharsis. If we have a Moon / Pluto aspect it means that the emotional dimension will have to undergo a slow and gradual transformation, because it means that next to our emotions there is often a good dose of shadow and negativity.

In most cases, people who have Moon-Pluto aspects are quite deep,they love intense relationships, and have a sense of drama and intrigue in relationships. Unconsciously, they associate intimacy with transformation, as if relationships should be catalysts through which everyone is torn down and rebuilt. The intensity of emotion or compulsive emotion has an effect that serves to transform, because its impetus will burn through conscious rules and agreements made between two people, and it will inevitably lead to suffering.

With Pluto it's really hard to understand where your intentions are buried. Only when you start working on these "underground intentions" you can really begin to unleash those dark parts, bringing the shadow into the light of the Sun in order to succeed to solve this dynamic forever. This process takes a lot of effort and will, and often this conflict is recognized and resolved in the second part of life.


This archetype explains that becoming a woman is not only the fruit of a biological process, but has to do with a profound capacity for psychic transformation. Moon-Pluto is also symbolically represented by Hades which destroys ingenuity, illusions and the "psychic virginity" of Persephone, which finds in this drama the need to confront the darkness of her own soul. The encounter with Hades, despite all its violence and drama, allows Persephone to know its own inner dimension that is the only one that can guide her course of life. Thus, it is important to know even the worst aspects of us in order to be accountable of what happens to us; Persephone will become a guide aka "the one who will take the heroes to the underworld". Here is the key to the resolution of the Moon-Pluto drama: only those who managed to conquer their own light will be free and will be able to accompany other people to conquer their light. 


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