A central teaching within Evolutionary Astrology is that the Soul contains within it two antithetical, yet co-equal, desires: one to return to source, and one to separate away. Evolution occurs as the Soul progressively purges and exhausts separating desires from lifetime to lifetime. We all have specific and unique life lessons that are reflected in the natal chart. In Evolutionary Astrology, Pluto by house and sign indicates the core evolutionary desires and intentions of the past (where we left off and where we pick up), and Pluto's polarity point reflects the evolutionary intentions for this life. The nodal axis serves to support the evolutionary transition from the past to the future, which is why it such a critical aspect in evolutionary astrology.

The aspects between North Node, South Node and Pluto are very important. Astrology always poses a dilemma about the function of the North Node and the South Node. Some interpret the North as the past and the South as the future, others do the opposite.
The North Node could be considered similar to Jupiter in the meaning of expansion and aid while the South Node is the proof of what we need to overcome: Saturn.
What we bring along from our past is well represented by Pluto, because it symbolizes the patterns of identity each individual attracts in this life. It’s really important to focus on the polarity point of Pluto, which, of course, always falls to the point opposite to its position. For example, if Pluto is in Leo, the polar point will be the Aquarius. The same principle would need to be applied to the house as well: if Pluto is in the eighth house, the polarity point will be in the second house.

According to a study by Jeff Green, Pluto in aspect to the nodal axis represents an important Karmic factor.

For example, Pluto in conjunction with the South Node could imply:
1) an evolving individual that is not resolving a karmic past inherent to the house and sign where Pluto is located.
2) a state of evolution that includes a Karmic achievement that requires a lot of effort, and in this lifetime there is a special destiny to accomplish
3) The individual is in a phase in which he has to relive some of the past.

Many answers could be obtained by analysing the polarity point.
Pluto in conjunction with the North Node indicates that the individual worked to transform the sector represented by the houses and from the sign in which the conjunction takes place. The results of this transformation may indicate a very evolutional growth in this life.
If Pluto squares the Nodal Axis, the individual is in a suffering evolutionary situation. It has two needs that belong to one to the past and one to the future and this suffering will affect every moment of life. He is in the point of make a big evolutionary step.

.And...Where is Pluto in your chart?