Your Akashic Record is the record of your soul’s journey through the universe and can only be opened with your permission. When your Akashic Record is opened in a reading, only the information that you are prepared to receive comes forward. This information can be very specific or more general in nature.

Your Akashic Record Reading is based on the questions you ask. Your questions can be specific or general and on almost any topic including life purpose, career, health, relationships, or finances. The questions can range from the mundane to the spiritual; all are valid and appropriate if they are important to you. The best types of questions to ask in your Akashic Records reading are questions that start with whyhow, or what.  Or any question that can be expanded on. The reason is that you will get a much richer answer with these types of questions than by asking simple yes or no questions. The only real limit is a topic that would come from someone else’s records. For example, you can ask about the purpose of your relationship with a particular friend, but not about that friend’s individual life purpose.

In order to access your Akashic Records, we will use your full name. Our time together will start with me reciting a short, sacred prayer.  This raises the vibration and allows me to access your Akashic Record.  Next, I’ll ask you to tell me your story – in other words, what issue led you to contact me.  In this part of the session, don’t hold back.  The more sincere and specific you are, the better. Remember, we are working to move you towards joy by uncovering soul level truths.
As you are talking, I’ll be receiving information from your Masters, Teachers (including your spirit guides), and Loved Ones directly from your Akashic Record.  I’ll dig in and pass along what is going on from the perspective of your soul. My clients often report that this helps them see the “big picture.”

The reading are not meant to predict the future, because I firmly believe in free will and the future is subject to change based on our choices. You can read this article about it!

Also, I’m won’t answer certain questions like diagnosing health issues or death, because for that there are doctors and the nature itself proving these information! 

Your reading is based on the questions you ask and the issues you bring up.  Find your questions by thinking about what is going on in your life and asking yourself questions like this: What would you like clarified? What would you like to explore?  Where do you need closure? Where do you feel fear or pain? 

Questions can be worded very specifically or generally. “I have a problem with xyz and want to know more” is enough of a question. And if you are confused because there seems so much, don’t worry. We can sort through the confusion in the reading. Questions are the beginning. Questions connect through curiosity to the possibility of shift and understanding. Once I hear your story, I will intuitively recognize what your soul needs, and I will be able to nudge you in the right direction. We gonna analyse together the situation and decide which could be the best question.

Images bz Krystleyez

Images bz Krystleyez

For example: You are having business for yourself and it’s going really well as far as having work that matters to you and feeling inspired by what you do. But you barely making it financially and it’s scary. Are you kidding yourself? Would it make more sense to go back to the regular working world while you establishing yourself, even though you really don’t want to do that?
Is there some way to look into the Record of the business itself to see if it has something to teach the person to help it thrive? Yes. In this case some good questions could be:
Is there some way I’m unconsciously pushing away my own success? How can I move forward and succeed at the work I love to do?

In the Akashic Records, your questions guide your Reading. In your Reading, the opinion of the Reader has no place because it’s your Reading!

Sometimes though you don’t know exactly what questions to ask. Here are some suggestions to help you.

Some typical general questions:

Here are some examples of questions people have asked me:

  • Why can’t I mend my relationship with my father?

  • What should I do about my current financial situation?

  • Why do I have fear about my intuitive gifts?

  • What can I do to help unlock my creativity?

If you feel that everything is already on its good around you:
What are my next steps? How do I expand myself?
How can I improve my sense of connection with myself?

You are thinking about moving to a place:
Why do I feel like moving?
What holds me where I am?
What do I need to release to move into a new place (literal or metaphorical)?

What have I released and why could I do this for myself?
What possibilities are opening up for me?
What am I scared of?
What creates fear that I am not aware of?

I don’t make yes or no questions, and don’t expect the reading telling you that you are going to break up. It’s about the lesson you can learn from this person, the reasons you have been attracted to each other and how the relationship could get better or worse in relationships to your actions. It's not about the destination but about the journey itself! 

Where am I stuck in the relationship?
What do I need to let go of?
How can I let go of the things that bother me in the relationship? What is keeping my attention from what I want?
Where do I need to turn my attention?
What do I offer and receive in this relationship?
What is the dynamic of our relationship?
How do we support each other in growth both in the relationship and individually?
What do I offer and receive within this partnership?
What can I understand, shift or release to improve this relationship?


What trauma, pain, fear or anger keeps me from awareness of wholeness, balance and clear connection?
What happened that I don’t remember these parts of my life?
What will bring back my memory?
What is holding me back and how can I release?
Why do I have this fear? What can I do to release?
What can I do to release this feeling in my heart?
What stands between me and my feelings?
What can I do to release? 

Soul Possibilities:

What am I here to do?
What is my passion?
What is my life’s current purpose?
How can move toward achieving this purpose?


Why do I not experience joy in my work?
How do I hold my relationship with my boss?
What do I expect from my boss?
How do I compare myself to them?
What do I need to understand about my relationship with them?
Why do I need my boss’s approval? Who else do I need approval from?
What do I fear about my job?

I will write down the answers that I will give to you and you can read after several time to see if there are some extra meanings. The consultation is  not intended to replace medical, psychological, or legal advice. It is intended to help you on your healing journey by helping you discover, understand, clear or learn to work through blockages and issues in your life that are causing you stress and discord, or helping you to awaken to and learn to live your soul's purpose with an opportunity to receive messages of inspiration.