Every time I am opening the Akashic Records, the consultant notices that ‘something’ is communicating with me once I have gone a bit deeper into this other state of consciousness. Once I start writing, one question puzzles the mind of the person in front of me: 'with whom is she talking to?'

Akashic Records readers are convinced that these are positive, helping energies that translate the contents of the Records in a way that fits you. You could call them ‘guides’ or ‘interpreters’. These energies are hardly identical each time, often ‘they’ are present as a group, and it changes in relationship to the type of question you are going to ask. Much depends on the question you have in mind when opening the Records. Depending on your question, somewhere a mix is set out for you by something or someone.

The Colours of Sound - Krystleyez

The Colours of Sound - Krystleyez

Who or what are these helping energies? That's a really interesting question. Compare this to a show. What matters in the end is that you experience beautiful show you have seen. The names of the actors, where they come from and how they come to act their roles are very important at all. That is, as long as the show is good. So as long as these energies are beneficial to you, you may just as well simply appreciate their presence.

You will notice that when you have an affinity with one of these ‘energies’ you may have a tendency to give it a name. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t make this all too ‘real’. Keep in mind that this is a kind of ‘in a manner of speaking’.For example, Linda Howe refers to these energies as Masters, Teachers, Guides and Loved Ones. Here, Masters are higher beings working in the background as you develop over a long series of consecutive lives. According to Howe you are not in direct contact with them. Contrary to Teachers and Loved Ones. She states that they are closer to you, and it is with them that the dialogues take place. Which in turn means that these names are highly relative and subjective. Moreover, we have the impression that quite a few energies (or spirits) we encounter in the Akashic field are ‘beyond names’.

The Akashic Records told me' the terminology is only a system to give mental pictures to the mental structure. We are angels but you can call us in any way you want. We are connecting dimensions and purposes.'