In astrology, you can learn about the personal strengths and weaknesses through the study of astrological houses, planets in signs and houses and aspects that the planets form in a natal chart.
Evolutionary Astrology and karmic astrology is only one of the several astrological branches we can work with in order to explore more about ourselves, and it assumes that the Soul descends to earth already with a degree of evolution and continue its path of growth and maturation.

Evolutionary astrology doesn't want to investigate the problems related to a more or less distant past, but it is a tool to find out the results that certain actions have left as a memory in our subconscious.
Karma is the law of cause and effect, the one which states that at a given action corresponds cause a certain effect. Understanding that our experience needed to make an evolutionary step, it could allow to overcome a painful past. The causative dynamic within all Souls that determines their evolution is Desire. Accordingly, Evolutionary Astrology reveals the types of desires that any Soul has had in previous lifetimes that created what those lifetimes, in total, have been.


In the reading and interpretation of Evolutionary astrology, the position of the Moon Nodes, Pluto and Saturn play a fundamental role to discover all these information.

The Moon Nodes are the points of the orbit of the Moon in which this orbit intersects the ecliptic, or the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth. All planets have nodes, but in astrology only the moon nodes are considered for astrological analysis. 

The South Node refers to the habits in our souls stored in our karmic memory. The sign and the house in which it is located, as well as a possible conjunction with a planet, can give us important information about which are our natural attitudes. The South Node is what we are naturally good at, because we have already done it in a previous life, and it represents the past like the starting point of already achieved actions. The South Node is the symbol of the "past" of the individual: an open door to a "room" full of a set of unconscious habits and in previous lives, the individual Karma.
The North Node represents the spiritual evolution toward we can adopt to get the best evolution of our soul. It represents what we are unable to do, the karmic challenge that can allow us to grow and acquire a new competence in our evolutive journey towards a personal illumination.

It can also represent the 'open challenges' we are carrying from previous lives, a karmic debt/credit,or just the possible future: not a predictive future but a mission to be archieved with the awareness that leads to personal progress, the Dharma and a new vision.

Pluto symbolizes opposite forces: both the darkness and the self-hate within us, as well as the light of Truth within us which dispels darkness and heals unconsciousness. Pluto, by house sign and its aspects, indicates the kinds of past desires of the soul that have had on continual incarnation, leading to this very life.

Saturn is called the Lord of karmic astrology as it represents the limits, and the blocks that the soul carries with it in the present life. Its correct interpretation determines how we behaved in order to deserve our present. The "Lord of Karma" shows us in which area of our lives we should face an evolutionary situation. The archetype of Saturn obliges us to deal with the responsibility to work on ourselves to awaken our conscience. .The understanding of these limits and these blocks can then lead the individual to rise for a better life. Saturn is the one which sets limits, but it is also a fundamental teacher for the evolution of the individual.