Akashic comes from the Sanskrit term "Akasha"(or Akash, Ākāsa, आकाश) that means ether. In Hinduism, the term is used to indicate the basic essence of all things in the material world, the smallest element created by the astral world. Akasha is one of Panchamahabhuta or "five great elements", and its main characteristic is Shabda (sound).
We can approach an idea of the nature of the Records using a tangible metaphor to our system: we can imagine them as an immense library, a huge hard disk where everything that is emitted by an energetic source is recorded and stored.
Every being, thing, act, thought, intention, and word emit an energy of a given vibration, and these information are "stored" in that huge database.
Each galaxy, planet, stone, object, plant, animal has its own Akashic Record which contains the recording of its evolutionary memory, as well as with  the human beings, and their "Book of Life" that contains every incarnations he/she passed through.
Also, the records contain information about the karma of the individual, his family, the nature of his personal evolutionary path, and the karmic connections that bind him to other human beings, as well as the soul contract he/she signed before becoming incarnated.


The divine plan has given us the wonderful opportunity to consult the Akashic Records in order to help us in our evolutionary journey.
Through a channeling work, we have the opportunity to address directly to our Masters, our Spiritual Guides, our Beloved once to ask them to open our Records and help us to have some clear answers.
For example, a consultation could be useful to understand which is our true purpose, or what is the origin of difficult relationships, obstacles, or the meaning beyond a situation we are facing in a proper way.

We can define the Akasha the container of all that exists, which has existed and will exist in the form of magnetic waves, vibrations, frequencies and sound.
Every thought, action, intention, gesture that has happened and will happen, there has a permanent trace.
Attracting Akashica's memory means having all the evolution of the Universe available. Every solution already exists in Akashic's memory, any invention or discovery. It is nothing more than connecting to an information already existing in a latent state that could be connected getting in that specific frequency.
Their answers are information that is actually hidden from our earthly conscience that we are ready to listen. They could untie unresolved knots that slow us down and block us.
The information we receive focuses on what we need to work on, to help us overcome another step in our long evolutionary scale, and they can reveal the lessons contained in each experience we have chosen to live.
Psychology, and human science in general have a key value in helping us clarify our lives and our sufferings,  and the Akashic Records are not medical diagnostic assessments, and do not constitute medical care or therapies, but are complementary to any traditional ongoing treatment and do not intend to replace the work and diagnosis of the medical practitioner, but they can give another perspective on the field of inquiry because science is limited to the issues of this incarnation. It does not count the karmic weights we are carrying, and the choices related to other incarnations. Also these aspects are important causes of so many difficulties, and investigating them, there could be a possibility of understanding and getting aware of the person's energetic and global status.

We can experience forgiveness by understanding our co-responsibility in the events of our lives, present and / or past polarities. Why don't try to explore ourselves then and get connected to our consciousness?