Everybody who ever existed in the world has contributed to the information that is contained within the Akashic Records. For this reason everyone can read his own Akashic Records. The basic requirements to start a journey to discovering the Akashic Records is having a very peaceful outer environment, be patient, open mind and be ready for an attournment. There is a specific formula you can learn and then channel your information or your own, or you can contact a reader of Akashic Records like me. I have had an Attournment myself and I developed my ability to read through self readings for a good amount of time.

The person who wishes to receive the reading is invited to prepare specific questions on themes that matter to them, because the information are so many that it is good to focus and make a choice. Let's remember that we are reading something that we have written and that we are still writing, a sort of interactive log. Since everything is based on free will, it is important to ask: ask and you will be given.

And who, through the reader, answers these questions? Who really "reads" our register? It is not easy to give a unique answer.

First, we come into contact with our Higher Self, that is ourselves but without our personality, without ego. We manifest our mastery, our heart, our Spirit, the divine who is in us. Many entities are related to them: Masters of Custody, Ascended Masters or Masters with whom we are resonant, Beings of pure light, Essences of humans that have been close to us in this life, Angels and more. 

Sometimes it turns out that some behavior or way of thinking has not been acquired in the present life experience, but in others. It is in these cases that information is given about one or more lives that the person has experienced, because remembering allows him to let go of what he no longer needs.

Calling on other life experiences occurs only when it is necessary for the soul to resolve slopes, but it is not the main purpose of reading Akashic Registers. You get information on past life events when there are still traces in this life that need to be overcome, but often you do not have to remember the details, in mind you just know the origin of the behavior to accept its transformation.

What happens during a reading? In most cases, the person who is receiving a reading enters an expanded state of consciousness, where time expands and the feeling of peace expands.

Sensations and perceptions depend greatly on the ability of the receiver to relax, while those who offer reading must be able to step aside "throughout the process to respect the intimate space between the Masters and those who ask.

A good reader merely conveys what he perceives, without judgment or interpretation of what is said, aware that there is a larger director who selects the information necessary for the evolution of the soul of the applicant, and thus only revealed what a Soul must remember at that time.

The recipient of the messages resonates with what is said and understands it at a profound level, even at multiple levels. It is not just new cognitive information that enters the system of thin bodies of which each one is composed, the message also impregnates the cellular memory of the physical body and brings with it transformation and rebalancing at all levels.

Paradoxically, the brain memory does not always hold the information perfectly: being in an expanded state of consciousness, the person often does not remember well what was said during the session, so I always recommend recording the reading.

Listening to your reading at a distance of time is a great opportunity to discover new nuances about the question.When a connection channel with Akashic registers is opened during a reading, there are many things going on: it is as if we finally give the divine permission to operate in our energy and physical system. The frequency we receive is of the highest quality, is that of unconditional love that acts in the deeper layers of our animated memories by giving forgiveness and acceptance.

We receive "karmic healing," consciously resuming episodes of other lives that we need to illuminate in this, we free ourselves from burdens of unresolved situations that we have dragged behind for too long. And all this happens in the sweetest and most moving way we can imagine, with the feeling of being pampered and loved by our ancestors, the angels, the masters who inspire us, from the beings of light we perceive as true presence within us.

And this feeling of being in big and beautiful company does not leave us anymore. We do not feel really alone, and we face what we first felt difficult and heavy in a different way, with the heart lightened by the loving touch with our "new" multidimensional friends. That is why I can no doubt say that contact with the Akashic Records changes life and is the one I witness whenever I read the Records of others or when I receive the stories of the people I had the privilege of transmitting the attounment.

By changing our approach to life, life changes.

Opening our Records begins a work of self-knowledge driven by our superior self, the heart, and the invisible helper.

How does it really happen? How does the information come? And what is the information? It's love, it's vibration, it's light.

What I receive is far more than the words I can translate, transforms within my consciousness at such a speed that it does not even matter to me, but my mood changes immediately: where there was tension, there is now peace and enthusiasm for life.